Welcome to Edupesantren I
EduPesantren: Education for Pesantren-based Development International Conference is a prestigious international event jointly organized by several Pesantren-based universities in West Java, including STAIMA/IPEBA, LPTNU, Ma’had Ali al-Hikamus Salafiyah, Ma’had Ali Kebon Jambu, and Ma’had Ali Mu’allimin Mu’allimat. In the first installment of EduPesantren, the central theme under discussion is: “The Advancement of Islamic Higher Education Based on Pesantren in the Digital Age.”

Description of Sub-Themes (Topics):

1. Islamic Higher Education Based on Pesantren: Challenges and Opportunities

This sub-theme delves into the challenges and opportunities confronted by Islamic higher education grounded in the Pesantren tradition within the digital age. It examines critical issues demanding attention as well as potential avenues for development.

2. Development of Curriculum for Islamic Higher Education Based on Pesantren

This section concentrates on the strategic planning and formulation of curricula tailored to the domain of Islamic higher education within the Pesantren framework. It takes into consideration the contemporary digital context and pertinent curriculum enhancements.

3. The Role of Pesantren in Shaping Student Character and Morality

This sub-theme probes the multifaceted contributions of Pesantren in molding the character and ethical values of students. It seeks to illuminate the fundamental principles and values upheld within the Pesantren environment.

4. Digital Transformation in Pesantren Education

This segment scrutinizes the pivotal role of digital technology in revolutionizing Pesantren education. It explores innovative methodologies and technologies designed to augment educational quality.

5. Management of Pesantren-Based Islamic Higher Education in the Digital Era

A comprehensive discourse on the administrative and fiscal aspects of Pesantren-based Islamic universities within the digital age is presented here. This encompasses the intricacies of management and infrastructure.

6. Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships for Pesantren-Based Education in the Digital Era

This sub-theme underscores the significance of collaborative ventures and strategic partnerships between Pesantren educational institutions and pertinent stakeholders in the realm of Pesantren-based education in the digital era.

7. Social Inclusion and Pesantren Education: Enhancing Access and Quality

An exploration of initiatives aimed at heightening social inclusivity and accessibility in the domain of Pesantren education is the primary focus here. The imperative of preserving and enhancing educational quality is given paramount importance.

8. Islamic Education and Local Wisdom in the Pesantren Context

This section scrutinizes the roles played by Islamic education and the application of indigenous wisdom within the context of Pesantren. It is dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage and traditions.

9. Enhancing Research and Innovation in Pesantren-Based Education

The paramount importance of research and innovation in the progression of Pesantren-based education is accentuated here. This theme explores strategies to enhance research outcomes within this unique educational milieu.

10. Empowering Women in Islamic Higher Education Based on Pesantren

This section addresses measures aimed at empowering women within the framework of Islamic higher education rooted in Pesantren traditions. It includes discussions on gender equality and the active involvement of women in the educational process.


Institut Pesantren Babakan (IPEBA)/STAI Ma’had Aly, Cirebon

Jl. KH. Masduqi Aly Blok Kasab, Babakan, Kec. Ciwaringin, Kab. Cirebon, Jawa Barat, 45167.